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Extraordinary Feats of the Mind
Jim Karol

Jim Karol has enthralled millions from his Guinness world records and numerous television appearances including NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Jim demonstrates his unique and unusual abilities throughout his show while adding his own brand of zany comedy and mind influencing spectacles with a positive and motivational approach.

Everyone is left spellbound as Jim correctly identifies cities, countries, birth dates, celebrities, or almost anything thought of by the audience. His talents and intuition are incomparable, no one else in the world can deliver these phenomenal feats with such unbelievable accuracy.

Jim's show is also very interactive and can also easily incorporate your company's product or sales message in his program.

The Corporate Hypnotist
Dan LaRosa

Hypnosis like you have never seen before! One of, if not the fastest, Hypnotist in the market. Dan's show is off and running while others are still putting their subjects to sleep.

He has entertained extensively throughout the United States, the Carribbean and Europe. In high demand in both the Corporate and College market, Dan is a double edged sword. He uses his mastery of Hypnosis to entertain an audience, making stars of his volunteers. He can also show people how to harness the power of hypnosis to help improve themselves at work, school and at home.



The Magic of Jim Sisti
Jim Sisti

Jim Sisti has been performing magic for over 25 years. A prolific writer and inventor, his books on magic and magic effects are marketed all over the world. He is also the publisher of The Magic Menu, a periodical for close-up magicians which boasts subscribers in ten countries.

As a performer, his quick, skillful hands, witty repartee and personable manner make Jim one of the most popular magicians in the Northeast. His ability at doing miracles in an intimate close-up setting, such as cocktail parties, restaurants and hospitality suites, is matched only by the ease at which he can entertain hundreds at a time. This is why his client list includes every venue imaginable ... from country fairs to black-tie affairs and everything in between.


Palmistry by Sandra
Sandra Sisti

Everyone wonders what his or her destiny will be. Everyone wants to know what's around the corner. Palmistry by Sandra offers your guests the opportunity to explore their inner selves in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere leaving them talking about their experience long after your event is over.